Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Guy with Puppy Eyes

Matt R., a 19 year old student from Fairfax, USA came to Madrid to study Spanish and he got much more than just the language. He learned how to appreciate Spanish architectures, be a Spanish football fans and live the life in Spanish way. As a student in Business finance at University of Virginia and came from a place where is relatively conservative, being in Madrid is a breath of fresh air. He loves the night live in Madrid and he feels "it's ok to have a good time once a while."

The first time I met Matt I can see that he is actually a good looking young men with a puppy eyes. But he doesn't really care about his look and appearance, he is a bit messy and dressed way too casual. He considers himself as a geek in the school as he loves reading about histories and watching sci-fi series. Those really made me want to style him and bring his handsome innocent looks come out. I am so excited because he was the first guy who I ever styled for.

So I gave him two pieces of clothes that were clean cut but yet casual. The first looks I tried to play with some colors but not too bold to make sure that it still fit with his personality. So I chose camel shorts and a blue square motive fitted shirt. And to gave a cool stylist look, I gave him a Ray Ban sun glasses that fit him perfectly. For the second look I chose a white shirt to make his looks clean and it was a great combination with a red motive pants to add some color in his casual looks. That was a perfect summer looks for him. Unfortunately, all the shoes that I gave him that day were way too small for his feet and his own flip flop was so hideous. So we decided to do the photoshoot with bare foot. But I guess he still looked good without shoes.

Pants: Zara, fitted shirt: Zara, sun glasses: Ray Ban

Pants: Zara, white shirt: Zara, sun glasses: Vintage

Model: Matt R.
Photographer: Yoanita Tahalele, KuangShu Yi
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

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  1. Wow! You've styled him up really well. He looks very handsome! :D