Thursday, July 12, 2012

Giggly girl - inspired by Topshop "Scandi Girl" collection

It was such a revelation to meet Melanie, 18 years old high school student from Geneva, as I could see the reflection of me on her when I was younger. I used to love using over size top, weird looking clothes and vintage clothes. Obviously I am not that young anymore so I changed the way I clothed. But sometimes I miss this kind of looks. So after our first meeting I asked her right away if she would do the photo shoot with me. And amazingly she agreed right away.

Melanie is so giggly and funny. We were just laughing and giggling all the way. Funny enough, I had to stop her from laughing. It sounds so familiar because usually I am the one who is in her shoes and people have to stop me from laughing. After all, it was so much fun to styled and worked with her. It was so far the easiest and the fastest work and photo shoot I did. Being inspired by Topshop Autumn 2012 collection, Scandi Girl, I was cooperating those looks with my own interpretation for pre-Autumn looks, which I added some color accent, hat and animal print. Thank you Melanie to make me feel young again!!

Ankle boots: Zara, Socks: Mango, Short pants and white t-shirt: Vintage, knite jacket: Topshop, bag: Mango

 Ankle boots: Zara, socks: Topshop, skirt: Lefties, knite sweater: Zara, Hat: Vintage
 Ankle boots: Zara, socks: Mango, Skirt: Vintage, Floral sweater: Lefties, hat: Sfera

Ankle boots: Zara, socks: Mango, floral skirt: Stradivarius, t-shirt and sun glasses: Vintage, denim shirt: Lefties, sweater: Promod, bag: Mango

Model: Melanie
Photographers: Laurence Castaigne, Yoanita Tahalele
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

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