Thursday, September 6, 2012

The girl next door

Stephanie is exactly as what people called 'a girl next door'. She is not only beautiful with all the great features, blond hair, great body and beautiful leg, but also she has a really nice personality. I would say it is very rare for both combinations. Beautiful girl most likely identic with arrogant and proud, unlike her. I only met her one day before the photo shoot and the photo shoot itself, but it seemed like we have known each other forever. She is very friendly, accessible, want to know people and mingle with everyone around her. She really wanted to have the photo shoot with me and the team. So in one night we managed to arrange everything for the next day and had a wonderful photo shoot with her. She was so enthusiastic and excited about the shoot. It was really a joy to style and to work with her. She really brought herself into the professional level in her attitude and personality. As all can see that the camera love her and the pictures speak her beauty.
 Shoes: Zara, dress: Zara, belt: Pull and Bear, clutch: Zara
Shoes: New Look, leather skirt: Vintage, sweater: Mango, sun glasses: Ray Ban

Model: Stephanie
Photographer: Xiao Zhang
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele