Monday, November 18, 2013

First Clothing Collection

'Flying feather' define as a cutting-edge, bold, exclusive yet affordable line. We are committed to deliver a good quality of clothing, comfortable with an adequate choice of material. Our designs are inspired by the trend on each season and interpret it into ready wear for tropical countries. We are providing both classic and contemporary design with bold and exquisite materials choice.
Flying feather first collection shows a range of fall 2013 trend from checkers, houndstooth, turtle neck, pencil skirt, full skirt, leather, church silhouette, brochette, pinkies color, shadow of grey and maroon. Nevertheless, we also provide some classic pieces that you can always wear in any season like black and white, classic sequin, floral pattern, shift dress and shorts.

We design each piece to be comfortable and versatile; easy to wear and easy to mix and match with other pieces.
Hope you like our first collection!

Designer and fashion stylist: Yoanita Tahalele
Photographer: Goldy Photography
Model: Bonie and Malva

First photo session

It was a crazy Thursday! I just went back from Singapore in the morning and found out that the clothes for the next day photo shoot were not ready. I had to chase people and helped to finish it up. Fortunately I have a calm upbringing and not easily get anxiety. With all the help I could get, finally most of clothes done at 8 in the evening. I compromised some undone clothes and decided not to shoot it this time. But as a result I had to adjust some looks I worked out before and worked till 2 in the morning.

At night, I felt excited and nervous at the same time. I couldn't sleep, I kept thinking what would happen the next day, how should it be, thinking if the concept of celebration: "fun and cheers" is good enough and other things keep spinning in my head. I switch on my play list in the computer and it companied me till I felt a sleep.

Finally the shooting day. It start off good and smoothly. I managed to figure out all the style for 24 piece of clothes. The models, Malva and Bonie were following all the instruction and modeling from head to toe. My dearest friend which happen is a great photographer, Goldy, did amazing job in taking the pictures. And I got the biggest help from Veve in managing the transition and photo set.
All in all everything went absolutely well. And the pictures came together great. Well done team!! Xx


Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Beginning: Flying Feather Collection

After 15 months Flying Feather Project in fashion styling, Flying Feather grow and turn into un-expectable direction. On October 10th, 2013 Flying Feather turn to clothing and accessories line, called "Flying Feather". It is an enormous change and big amount of work. As I am passionate in it and enjoy working with clothes it isn't a burden. Off course there were times that I was doubting myself and feel useless but my family and friends all over the world constantly supporting me and keep believing on me. That is the biggest help that make me keep moving. Sometimes people feel sorry about themselves, envy on other people's life and success or blaming the situation, but I believe at the end of the day with God's help, each person have the power to stand up, do something matter and change life.

So here is the new beginning, Flying Feather collection! It's not only just a clothing and accessories line but Flying Feather has specific ethical views and mission. I hope it can bring something good for people and society.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

1 Year Flying Feather Project

A lot of people ask me why I rarely wrote about myself in my blog. I always tell them "I am too shy", but honestly I guess I am too embarrass. My life have nothing to be proud of, I never really finish doing something and make it successful. I have a lot of dreams don't get me wrong even too much and too big, but I guess my circumstances is not the easiest and make me have to move a lot.

If there is an expression that 'life is like a roller costar, you never know what comes next", then I would say my live exactly like that. It is not just a Cliché for me. First of all I've lived in 12 different cities around the globe. People might say what an adventure, but honestly in certain point it is trying. From Surabaya - Indonesia to Erlangen - Germany, Seattle- USA, Columbus - USA, Manchester - UK, Jersey Island (God knows where), Budapest - Hungary, Bali -  Indonesia, Jakarta - Indonesia, Singapore, London - UK, Madrid - Spain. Not only moving, I did so many different fields all over the places. From being a student in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering at The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA, to become an MA sociologist specialize in education and economic development from University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. Then working in a political affiliated NGO in Jakarta, dreamed to be a politician, lecturer and sociologist, and end up being an operation manager for UK brand fashion retail, after a script writer for independent series in Madrid and now a fashion stylist and designer. And funny enough I can't even draw. I am not sure if I really choose this path as it's all somehow come together by default. I figured out that life is not always as I wanted, my circumstances always change in a blink of eye and sometimes I can't control it. So I just try to think what can do to make myself useful and make the best of it at that moment.

People often say "you are lucky that you don't have to do anything and you are fine."  Ahhh yeah the lucky word. I would say, this world not created from luck plus I don't like to do nothing and be fine. I would like to do something! I love doing things; I love science, politics, sociology and I also love story telling, writing, fashion styling and designing clothes. Bottom line I want to be someone to do something or to make something. I believe life is too sort to waste all the time and talent that God has given for nothing. That's where I come up with 'Flying Feather Project'.

What is 'Flying Feather Project'?
It's not like moving a mountain or get rid of poverty in Indonesia. It's a small fashion 
styling project that I am passionate about which still allow me to see a smile in people's face. At first it was just a random and spontaneous idea in the middle of Madrid to photo shoot my work in styling people. Then after the first photo session, I got a good reaction from my friends and people around me. And lots of girls eager to be the model. I see how happy they are to get pampered, being stylist and photograph. Thus make me happy too. So from originally only 2 girls I planed to style and photograph, it became 9, 10 and even more.

On the process I met a lot of amazing girls/women, they are not only beautiful outside but most importantly from inside. And it really shine through. I really impressed and personally learned a lot from them. I figured out the need to tell the world how great these women are. May be not too bluntly for privacy reason, but enough spill.  From a quite, grounded girl from Belgium who turn out has the biggest talent, to the most beautiful and sexy girl from USA who turn out still holding her principal even the world shifted to the worse and not mention a beautiful fierce girl from Canada who know exactly who she is and comfortable with her own skin while many other busy being skinny and dwelling with their insecurity. I can mention it for 10 pages how beautiful they are in their own way. All those came together in my mind and rounded as Flying Feather Project.

Beautiful as Flying Feather Project portray is not about the skinniest women or the most tan or the biggest boobs, it's about what inside you. So Flying Feather Project try to convey the value of beauty inside and out while busting up women's confidence from the way they clothes themselves. It's being stylist yet poise about your body, signify your personality, and most importantly keep true to yourself.

Time flies and Flying Feather project reach its 1 year anniversary. Actually as per today it's been 15 months from the first time it started. I am so much blessed with all the support and the good reaction from people surround me and people who keep reading this blog. Without all your support today wouldn't happen, which make Flying Feather grow in unexpected direction as we establish our own clothing line. So only one word i can say to all of you,THANK YOU! Xx


Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele
Photographer: Goldy, Laurence, Xiao Zhang, Yoanita Tahalele