Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Shoes: Zara, dress: Mango, bracelet: Mango
Model: Stephanie
Photographer: Xiao Zhang
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Casual meet Glamorous

Here what Stephanie says about her styling and photo shoot session:

"I'm Stephanie living in the city The Hague in The Netherlands. Currently I'm working at a law firm and in October I will travel to South America for a few months. My hobbies are traveling, photography and meeting new people around the world. My daily outfit is quite basic: mostly I wear a top with blazer and pumps to work. In the weekends I love to wear shorts, flip-flops and blouses. The photo shoot in Madrid was amazing! Great stylist with a good sense of fashion and the guts to try different things. Also I had the pleasure to be accompanied by a photographer with great vision. Absolutely a great team!"

Shoes: Zara, shorts: Lefties, top: Promod, sun glasses: Ray Ban, hat: Lefties, bag: Zara, bracelet: Mango  
Model: Stephanie
Photographer: Xiao Zhang
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

September Giveaway


A vintage classic Louis Vuitton bag - Damier Speedy 30.

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Girly and Fierce Sorority Girl

Girly and Fierce!!! That is my first impression when I met Haley Rudolph, 19 years old sorority girl from Ontario, Canada. She is a media and business student at the University Western Ontario. She has a free spirit, positive energy and just loves to live. She is not only obsessed with beauty related; make-up and hair, but also she is very good at it. She love to dress up and to wear chic-feminine outfits. Dresses, high heels, jewelry are all in her list.

At first I thought it would a challenge to style her but she really made it so easy. Without my direction, she actually dressed so well, I even secretly learned from how she clothed. What I love about her is that she is so confidence, fierce and she really understands her body so well.  It was really great to know her and had a change to style her. She definitely one of the most fierce girls I ever met. Work it girl!!

Shoes: Michael Cors, dress: Zara, vest: Zara, necklacec: Sfera, sun glasses: Ray Ban

Shoes: Michael Cors, dress: H&M
Shoes: Michael Cors, Jeans: Vintage, tank top: Forever 21, top: Vintage, necklace: Vintage, sun glasses: Ray Ban

Model: Haley Rudolph
Photographer: Yoanita Tahalele
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

Pocahontas - Urban Vintage

Nivin or as her friends call her 'Pocahontas', is a mixed blood of Switzerland and Indonesian parents. She is a modern rendition of Pocahontas, not only because her features, including long hair, big pretty eyes and tanned skin, but also her love for wear vintage clothes and native inspired styles.

It was a great pleasure to style her as well as to photograph her as I, myself love vintage. I spent my adolescence period in USA and one thing that I pick up from there and fell in love with is vintage. Besides purchasing at local vintage stores, one of my favorite brand for vintage styles is "Urban Outfitter". And now as I live in UK, I can also find vintage-inspired clothes at "Topshop" flagship store.

My favorite time with her was in the photo session, she is not only photogenic but also she moved her body so well in front of the camera.

 Dress: Zara, Shoes: Topshop

Shoes: Topshop, dress as a skirt: Zara, top: Urban Outfiter, bag: Vintage, head band: Zara

Model: Nivin
Photographer: Laurence C.
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vintage Girl

Nivin love everything about vintage; clothes, shoes, accessorizes. So I gave her total vintage looks head to toe. It looked just like her, stunning!!!

Shoes: Urban Outfitters, pants: Vintage, top: Lefties , belt: Vintage, bag: Vintage

 Shoes: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Urban Outfitters, tank top: Lefties, knit wear: Urban Outfitters, bag: Vintage
Shoes: Urban Outfitter, pants: Vintage, top: Lefties, bag: Vintage

Model: Nivin
Photographer: Laurence C.
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

Flash it with Gold!

Chunky gold necklace and bracelet will be a good company for your fall looks.

Left necklace: Blanco, right necklace: Blanco
Necklace: Berska, Bracelet: Berska
Necklace: Sfera, belt: Pull and Bear

 Necklace: Sfera

Model: Mae Ling, Yoanita, Ellie, Aisha, Indra
Photographer: Laurence, Yoanita Tahalele
Fashion stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

Friday, August 10, 2012

Retro Floral and Peplum - for Autumn 2012 trend

Your mother’s closet will be at the top of your shopping list for next autumn, with a retro florals and peplum skirt or top. The combination of both with an accent of gold accessorizes will be a perfect look for fall.

Shoes: Vintage, skirt: Asos, top: H&M, necklace: Blanco, bracelet: Berska

 Shoes: Stradivarius, skirt: Asos, top: Mango, bag: Stradivarius, bracelet: Stradivarius, necklace: Blanco

Models: Mae Ling, Yoanita Tahalele
Photographers: Laurene C., KuangShu Yi
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Work it out with leather - for Autumn 2012 trend

Leather definitely will take a big part in autumn 2012 trend. Motorcycle leather jacket or leather jacket with studded detail is something you need to have to update your wardrobe for fall. Meanwhile, to be more playful and fun, leather skirt could be an option.

Shoes: Topshop, skirt: Promod, tank top: Lefties, leather jacket: Vintage, necklace: Blanco

Shoes: Zara, leather skirt: Vintage, dress as top: Zara

Shoes: New Look, skirt: Zara, top: Lefties, leather jacket: Lefties, hat: H&M

Models: Indra T., Stephanie, Leonore M.
Photographers: Xiao Zhang, Laurence C.
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

Animal Print Accent for Autumn 2012

Animal print accent will come back for autumn 2012, not only for your clothes but also for accessorizes (bag, shoes, clutch). A leopard print blazer or zebra print dress would be a good choice for your new look. Or if you like more simple outfit you can get a pair of shoes or clutch in Leopard or zebra print and you will look edgy just with a plain black dress or one tone color outfit.

Shoes: New Look, Jeans: Vintage, Top: Vintage, leopard blazer: Zara, bag: Marc by Marc Jacob, sun glasses: Vintage
Dress: H&M, bag: Zara, hat: Sfera, bangels: H&M

Shoes: Zara, socks: Mango, leopard skirt: Zara, top: Zara, hat: Vintage
Zebra dress: H&M, jacket: Zara, bag: Pull&Bear

Shoes: Vintage, pants: Miss Selfridge, top: Zara, bag: Zara

Shoes: Zara, skirt: Vintage, top: Zara, clutch: Zara

Models: Marie, Sandra, Melanie, Aisha Angel, Stephanie
Photographers: Laurence C., Xiao Zhang, KuangShu Yi
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Army look and studded detail for Autumn 2012

Summer almost over and here we come Autumn. Have a peek on Autumn 2012 trends with studded detail for clothes and accessorizes and army look in military jacket.

 Shoes: Vintage, shorts: Vintage, shirt: Zara, bracelet: Berska

 Right Look: Shoes: Stradivarius, shorts: Blaco, top: Blanco, army jacket: Levi's, bag: Stradivarius, neckles: Stradivarius, bracelet: Stradivarius

Models: Mae Ling, Yoanita Tahalele
Photographers: Laurence C., KuangShu Yi
Fashion Stylist: Yoanita Tahalele