Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flying Feather

Flying Feather, that is a tattoo that I made 5 days ago here in Madrid. I decided to put a new tattoo in my neck to remind me of the day, June 26th 2012, when I start finding a bit of light and finding some part of me that have been missing.

Ten months ago my whole live fell apart, all I am, all I believe and all I do seemed not make sense anymore. Everything seemed so dark and I really couldn't see anything bright near my side. I felt like running around in the circle with no way out, going left and right between Spain-UK-Indonesia without any clue what I want to be, what I want do, and where I want to live. Crazy things had happened and for some reason I keep coming back to Madrid. I guess because I love being in Madrid; I love the city, the people, the food, the cultures and mostly because it is a perfect hiding place. A place where I can be so spontaneous and go re-finding myself.

After the 4th time coming back to Madrid, 10 months crazy ride pack with adventures and meeting lots of wonderful and unique people around the world, this day finally come. The day I finally find a part of myself and see some hope of light, the day my feather start flying.

This is what my blog "Flaying Feather" about, me doing what I love, writing about life, being a fashion stylish and share it to the world.

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